Political signs are made out of coroplast. Some of the standard sizes are 24x12in, 24x18in, 4x4ft, and 4x8ft. The smaller yard signs that candidates put in residential yards are usually the 24x18in. Our political customers use small metal wire stakes to secure the signs in the ground. The coroplast sign material has corrugated flutes that run vertical. These flutes allow the customer to push the ends of the metal wire stake into the sign.

For the larger signs, our political customers use a wide array of ways to display their signs. You can attach the coroplast sign to a fence with zip-ties, you can attach to the side of a building, or you can use a wood structure to stand up on the side of the road by itself. Remember when using a solid wood structure, you will need 2 signs, each printed one sided, to create a sign that can be read from either direction.

We offer 2 different printing processes. We can screen print your signs, or we offer ink jet printed signs. With the ink jet printed signs we are able to print photos, shading, and gradients. This process is more expensive, but it allows us to create interesting signs. The screen printing process is the cheaper option, but you pay for each additional color. So typically customers choose either 1 color or 2 color screen printed signs.

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There are many options when it comes to signs. For the most part we have 2 main products that we offer to our commercial business customers. Typically our commercial customers like to get metal signs. We have a thin aluminum product, .040mm aluminum and we offer another material called SignBond which is about 1/8'' thick. Both of these products come in at about the same price, and both of these products come in sheets of 4' x 8.' We can cut these down to any size. Some common sizes used are 3x4ft, 4x4ft, 3x5ft, or 4x6ft. These materials are great to attach to the side of your building or to attach to a plywood sign structure. If you are interested in a metal sign cut into a shape, we would use the .040 aluminum. We use a plasma table cutter to cut your sign into any shape. This process creates an interesting sign for any application.


Another main sign product we offer is Coroplast. This is a plastic sign product similar to corrugated cardboard, however, it is entirely plastic. This is a temporary and cheaper option than metal signs. The Coroplast will last about a year outdoors before becoming brittle and sun damaged. This is the product that political candidates use for their campaign signs.


We have a paper product for indoor signs called UltraMount. This material is similar to Foam-Core board you can find at the craft store. This product is very smooth and flat and makes great signs, but it should only be used for indoor projects. It will dent if handled roughly, so you must take care when transporting.




Political Signs

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